Home Automation

Garage Doors

Ever forget to close the garage when you leave your home? Premier Advantage Security offers the ability to control your garage door from the palm of your hand using a smartphone or other web-enabled device. In addition to having the ability to control your garage door, we set up alerts to notify you if the garage door has been open for an extended period of time or closed, providing you assurance that it is never left open.  

Smart Lighting

Remote lighting control service can make managing lights in your home easy and affordable. When your home automation system is connected to your lighting you can control the lights in your house from across the room or across the world and even set up schedules for lights. Set rules for your lights to turn on when specific doors are opened or closed or when motion is detected. Control your home lighting with any web-enabled device allowing you peace of mind and the ability to save money and energy.

Smart Thermostats

What if you could control your home's temperature while you are away or set up a climate control schedule that suits your needs? With Premier Advantage Security you can automate your home’s smart thermostat from your smartphone or other web-enabled device. The ability to control your thermostat is more than a convenience, it is a way to maximize comfort while controlling energy costs. Schedules can keep your family comfortable and ensure cost-effective purchases.

Video Doorbells

Whether you are at home or away, video-camera-equipped doorbells can alert you when visitors arrive or packages are delivered, and can even record suspicious activity around your door and entryway. Our video doorbells come with a 180-degree range of motion to better sense if someone is approaching your home. Once motion is detected, it will begin recording and send an alert to your smartphone or web-enabled device. This adds greater security and accuracy to protecting your family, home, and property.

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Protect your home or business with our stylish video intercom system. Easily screen and record visitors before granting access. More conveniently, turn solicitors away without having to open the door! Additionally, you can monitor and talk between interior rooms, along with leaving messages. Premier Advantage Security offers specialized applications to best suit your needs. Contact us today to start your new application.

Smart Door Locks

Premier Advantage Security’s smart door locks component allows you to lock or unlock selected doors from the palm of your hand with your smartphone or other web enabled device. Our smart door lock technology establishes peace of mind on the go. Check on the status of any of your connected entry points. Set automatic schedules so your doors lock whenever your system is armed. Receive instant notifications to your phone whenever a door is opened, closed, locked or unlocked.

TV Installations

Give your home or office a professional look with a perfectly installed television set. We guarantee your television will be handled safely and installed properly. We provide TV mounting installation services on all surfaces including special surfaces such as stone or brick. We offer budget friendly prices with clean and professional installs using the best materials on the market. Depend on a Premier Advantage Security technician to install a stylish and reliable mount!

Video Management

Video surveillance is a watchful eye on your property. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see what’s going at your home or business while you are away? Would that give you peace of mind? Premier Advantage Security provides state of the art video surveillance at an affordable rate to keep a watchful eye on your property wherever you may be! Our best-in-class automation system allows you to add video cameras to the system and watch live feeds of your property from your smartphone or web-enabled device.

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